French bulldog for sale near me


Descended originally from the Toy Bulldog the French Bulldog (or ‘Frenchie’) made the return journey across to England in the late 19th century to become the popular companion that it is today. This small, sturdy, compact dog is intelligent and has a clown-like attitude to life; loves to play and is a true companion dog, thriving on human company and having a strong desire to please and be part of the family.With a life span of around 13–15 years on average, this is a generally healthy breed. However there are conditions that can affect it.

Stop right there, and look no further! Bella is the one you have been looking for.
She will win your heart with her first puppy kiss.
Bella is the perfect cuddle buddy.
She is check here always ready to curl up and snuggle up right next to you.
Bella will be sure to come home to you happy, healthy, and full of kisses just for you.
She is up to date on his vaccinations and pre-spoiled.
What more could you ask for? Make this cutie your cuddle buddy and she will be sure to be that perfect addition that you have searched for.

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